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As we were moving ahead...(Gaëtan Rusquet)


In As We Were Moving Ahead Occasionally We Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty, Gaëtan Rusquet explores the choreographic potential of (live) video editing and the perspective of the selfie. In a never-ending tracking shot, the arm operates as a steadycam creating a hypnotic loop.

The continuous (re)staging of oneself pushes the limits of the inside and the outside of both the body and the stage. In this circular spatiality, the whereabouts of the performers are hard to determine. Their perpetual transit begs the question: How does it feel like to swallow or be swallowed by somebody, a community or technology?


Concept: Gaëtan Rusquet Performance: Gaëtan Rusquet, Amélie Marneffe, Bryan Campbell

Sound: Yann Leguay

Video: Damien Petitot Outside eye: Lucille Calmel Light: Anthony Merlaud Prints: Léonard Mabille Production: Hiros

Coproduction: BUDA Arts Centre, Workspacebrussels, centre chorégraphique national de Caen in Normandie, in the frame of an accueil-studio/Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication With the support of: iMal, Kaaitheater Thanks to: Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Pierre Willems, Eglantine Chaumont and Claire Malchrowicz.


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