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Enfonçures (Caroline Logiou)



Enfonçures juxtaposes a double fable : the last years of the life of the German poet Hölderlin as he descended into madness, with the early days of the first Gulf War . These two subjects are connected by a common point : loss of reality. In hollows , the voice of Gabily is expressed as echoing the German poet Hölderlin . Both figures are confused and question the place of the poet, the artist in our society.


Text: Didier-Georges Gabily Direction : Caroline Logiou Assistant: Sarah Siré With : Didier Poiteaux, Marie-Pierre Meinzel, Luc Schiltz Sound design: Thomas Turine Light: Rémy Urbain Video: Damien Petitot Stage design: Raquel Morais Costumes: Marilyne Grimmer

Production : Nu asbl Coproduction : Théâtre la Balsamine with the support of : Fabrique de Théâtre, Centre Culturel de Forest, Cellule 133, BAMP, AuQuai, Iles asbl, Théâtre Océan Nord


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