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R. on TV


Digital video - one channel color/stereo - 3"56

This set is an improv performance on an analogic video display composed of video mixing devices, feedback-loops broadcasted by cameras, as well as some hacked effects. The video display itself generates the soundtrack.

The machines, set into an ensemble, form an impressive, autonomous, instable and chaotic electronic loop. During the improv performance, the artist interacts with the display as if they were in a dialogue/conversation or on an attempt for mutual domestication. In other words, it works as some sort of social exchange, as defined by Gilbert Simondon in his book "On the mode of existence of technical objects" (1958): “Thus, the first condition for incorporating technical objects into culture would be that man is neither inferior nor superior to technical objects: that he can address them and learn to know them by maintaining with them an relationship of equality, of mutual exchange: a social relation in a sense.”

The title is also a homage to Mark Rothko painting "White Over Red".


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