The face you have today won’t belong to you (CamBoys)

2016 – on going

Silk screen on various material

« There are, in fact, moments when a person stands out from his grandeur in clarity and silence before you. These are rare festive pleasures that you never forget. You love this person from then on. In other words, you work to retrace with your own tender hands the outlines of the personality that you came to know in this hour. »

Rainer Maria Rilke – Notes on the Melody of Things

The origin of this experiment is twofold, first of all, there is the fascination for the "camboys" phenomenon, amateur models choosing to exhibit themselves online and live, through their webcams, generally in their rooms, offering their intimacy to all. Then there is a desire to rediscover the use of drawing in my artistic practice, which for several years has been developing mainly around the video tool and live performance, mediums of the ephemeral.

The "camboys" have become my "living models" according to the consecrated expression. Working almost exclusively via the computer and drawing on paper only occasionally, the pencil sketch proved to be quite disappointing and of little interest, so I naturally chose to use my laptop to draw.

The device is quite simple, I use a software that allows me to draw directly on the screen while keeping visible, by transparency, the windows of open applications (in this case my web browser on a live cam site).

There is a simple rule in the drawing process (done on the screen, simply using the trackpad): always follow the contours of the model, even when he is in motion, do not try to interpret, do not try to stylize, keep a naive look. The process is in itself naturalistic in the sense that I draw things as they are without any subjectivity, if not the color chosen for the line or background.

The result is a drawing with fragmented lines where it is possible to identify parts of faces and bodies without ever being able to reconstruct an accurate portrait of the model, thus preserving its anonymity. The screen offers both a distance from the model and at the same time a kind of intimate relationship as he is often in his room, which reveals certain details of his personal life.

The technical device almost evokes a caress, when during the realization the mouse pointer slides over the image of the model, directed by the finger on the trackpad. And yet the result offers a colder and more distant aesthetic. The final image is more in the order of the trace, the "remains" of the ephemeral video show, than that of the portrait itself.

The static space in which the model performs is drawn using another color, and often using geometric lines (circle, lines). Reframing the model in a context

Scrolling down : experiments of silk print on various material (part of display, mylar, glass, part of smartphone, light filters). Showed during "Glasgow Open Studios" - December 2019

Scrolling down: On screen drawings.