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2013 - Solo - Duration 30 mn

The performance DATA.ME starts from a familiar situation, a chat. The purpose of the chat is not clear it's even rather confusing, code, pictures, love, virtual relation, virus. But after a while the discussion gets more and more complex, images, sounds who pop up and come disturbing, invading the screen. Drilling a path towards intimacy, penetrating in a relationship between man and machine, through words, through code. The analogy brain/computer is starting to settle, words and codes mixing themselves generating errors, beautiful errors. Until it finally crashes?

Text in french from Madeleine Aktypi on her blog :

Avec sa performance, Damien Petitot mène une expérimentation qui croise érotisme et distance, code et texte, données et désordre, représentation et détériorations, dans le contexte de la nouvelle intimité que l'on partage avec les ordinateurs.

Production : Laboréales 2013, Coproduction manège.mons, La Bellone (Brussels), la Balsamine (Brussels), Buda Kunstcentrum (Kortrijk), The CAS and the CIFAS


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