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Errormancy - Glitch as Divination


Workshop - arts school ERG Brussels with Pascale Barret

"Mathematical practice is not limited to the tangible, the mechanical....

A work can operate on different levels: mental, unconscious and physical. Using any one of these without the others makes the work (perfunctorily) incomplete and loses the power available to the artist.

Used together, they can act as a powerful creative conduit or symbol prestidigitator. "

"When you cut into the present the future leaks out." - William S. Burroughs

* Errormancy: Glitch as Divination: Kim Cascone, San Francisco, July 2011.

Together with Pascale Barret, and at her invitation, we developed a workshop entitled "errormancy, glitch as divination" as part of the "digital cultures" course at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG - Brussels). The aim of this short 3-day workshop was to give students an insight into glitch and all the variants of digital art in which the underlying code of digital matter is abused, distorted, kneaded and amputated.

Here's a link to the workshop's dedicated page:

Mystypographie ou la fonte du Malin - Mathilde Bette & Nathan Laurent


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