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2022 - Performance

in collaboration with Gaëtan Rusquet

Following the performance The eYe in the light in the eYe, Gaëtan Rusquet continues his research on the body-image relationship, this time in co-creation with Damien Petitot.

In-depth is a performative installation activated by two performers, putting into play the relationship between the body, the screen and their multiple presences. The performance asks the question of what remains of us physically when we present ourselves through communication networks, data flows and technological tools, in a desire to reach out, touch or be touched by others. The space in which the performance takes place is created by Stefan Kartchev and the sound design by Yann Leguay.


Concept: Gaëtan Rusquet & Damien Petitot Performance: Bryan Campbell & Gaëtan Rusquet Set design: Stefan Kartchev, in collaboration with Gaëtan Rusquet Video device & performance: Damien Petitot Sound device & performance: Yann Leguay Coding: Matthieu Levet Production: Hiros Co-production: EUROPALIA, iMAL, C-TAKT In collaboration with: Kunstenwerkplaats

Thanks to: Rasa Alksnyte, Nestor Georget, Keren Kraizer, Benjamin Muzart, Théâtre la Balsamine and its team

This project received design and production support from the Digital Arts Commission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.


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