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Schreber (Audrey Lucie Riesen)



With SCHREBER, this young artist of Swiss origin continues her research on the body, its confinement, its incapacities, its flights... A second solo, for a second journey (a dreamlike trip) into one's intimacy, the intimacy of one's lonelyness : successing pictures, atmospheres, inspired by the autobiographic writings of Daniel Paul Schreber (1842-1911), a German magistrate convinced that God was turning him into a woman in order for him to engender World Salvation... A nevropathic reality from which Audrey Lucie Riesen draws a visual poem immerging us deep into the head, mind and fantasies of a being of an only kind... With the help of Damien Petitot (light and video design) and Iannis Héaulme (sound design), Audrey Lucie Riesen (concept and performance) builds a visual poem.

Concept: Audrey Lucie Riesen Assistant : Muriel Cocquet Sound design : Iannis Héaulme Video/Light : Damien Petitot Production manager : Manon Faure Production: Mothership asbl

Coproduction : TAKT-Dommelhof (Neerpelt/B), L'ANCRE, Théâtre et Publics, ESACT.


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