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2018 - on going A/V Performance - 30'

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed." A. Lavoisier

SIGNAL is an audiovisual performance involving analog cameras, monitors, mixers and feedback processes, corrupted devices, and glitched rushes. All elements are connected to each other, the video signal is generated with a feedback process using cameras and monitors as (raw) outputs and inputs. All the devices work in a closed loop, mutating constantly creating a unique performance each time.

SIGNAL is a chaotic system, SIGNAL is instable and small variations can trigger big fluctuations, generating new forms and figures.

SIGNAL use the devices in a wrong way, SIGNAL corrupt the signal.

SIGNAL sounds are produced plugging the video composite output connector in a mixing table, from audio feedback, homemade microphones...

SIGNAL was presented in several festivals & parties as a VJ project (Deviate, Dour Festival, Recyclart, Rockerill) and also as an A/V installation or performance (BEM-Brussels, BYOB-Ghent, GlasgowStudios-Brussels, Labokube-Brussels, QuasiStellarObjects-Paris, SMOG-Brussels )

Scrolling down: video of a live recording @SMOG - Brussels in July 2021

Scrolling down: Photos of Signal performance @Quasi Stellar Objects in Paris - Photos by Nils M.


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