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Rien ne se perd

(Nothing is lost)


Digital video - one channel color/stereo - 9"08

Pixels aggregate, and slowly shapes emerge from the video noise, they float away, sculpting chaos, like fragments of a grenade which recompose. In a mix of analog video and 3D techniques, Damien Petitot offers us an approach to the video medium through process and experimentation.

This film, inspired by the methods of improvisation music and noise movement, is part of a larger project called «Signal». Signal is an analog video device composed of video mixers and cameras in a feedback loop. The soundtrack is generated by the video device itself using photoelectric cells and effect pedals. The components of the system thus form a large autonomous and unstable electronic loop where the creative process is a chain reaction.

The title refers to Antoine Lavoisier's famous sentence " Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed "


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